Low-code and No-code Development
27 March, 2021 by
Low-code and No-code Development
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Some media recently described low-code and no-code development and its benefits in the IT industry. We imagine that one day everyone can "command" any system like a robot, without using computer programming and coding, to perform and operate the benefits they want.

For many professionals engaged in IT business and operations today, they may have enjoyed the benefits of low-code/less-code/no-code development environments, which enable them to efficiently complete more work and make it easier access to technical resources (such as many SaaS applications or cloud services).

To be sure, one of the goals of professionals in the computer and IT industries is to achieve codeless development. This may be good for society and mankind. However, this goal may be far from reality.

For the public or users today, the use of low-code/no-code tools, services or applications still requires at least some basic computer skills and core knowledge. For example, many cloud service providers (such as Amazon Web Services) offer a large number of free trial services. If an IT user wants to start certain services, even if he doesn't need to know how to code, he still needs to spend learning time in advance to understand and train how to use and operate these services.

Open source technologies are another example. Many commercial organizations or academic institutions have released many framework contents including program codes, algorithms, functions, etc (e.g. Google TensorFlow, Baidu PaddlePaddle) They are open to everyone to use, understand and recognize. However, people should still need to learn and understand how to use them.

As general users, we may be more interested in computer automation technology to assist in real work and life.

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