It’s a Time Business.
10 April, 2021 by
It’s a Time Business.

I have practiced dragon boat races and competitions for many years. One day, I learned the term "Time Business" from a coach in a training course. The coach said that dragon boat racing is a "Time Business". Speed ​​is of course crucial to winning the game. However, dragon boat paddlers also need to have good skills, show the best moves in a disciplined manner, and cooperate with their teammates. Through long-term effective training, practice and competition, performance and results can be improved. It's just like business success, which effectively combines operations closely to achieve clear business goals.

Later, when I was working in Hong Kong, when my team and I met with commercial sellers, we recommended that customers joined the "Gold Supplier" membership (a paid subscription member of in order to surpass the competition in overseas business.

In the B2B platform, the years of subscription members (sellers) will be displayed on the website, which is a very important indicator for whether overseas buyers trust to deal with sellers. In the beginning, the online membership identity does not necessarily bring sudden growth to the business. When the seller continues to conduct business and marketing on the B2B platform year by year, it will promote business development. The success and sustainability of online business is also a Time Business.

A few years ago, when Laps Solutions started its business until today, we have some FMCG customers who use our E-Commerce and CRM solutions and services. Initially, the online business only accounted for a small proportion of most customer sales, but online sales always maintained steady growth. At the same time, we help customers collect and store a certain amount of their own web traffic, sales and CRM data. These data are owned by customers themselves and are unique demographic dynamics about consumer behavior.

Recently, we have further assisted customers in using AI and machine learning tools to analyze historical and real-time data, make predictions, and integrate AI analytic (Data Analytics) functions into their website operations. Nowadays, as various new technologies are available for general business use, these application development processes have evolved "naturally". It once again demonstrates the understanding of "Time Business" – by analyzing consumer data of online sales and marketing captured over years, our customers can identify new values for improving future business.

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