3 Quick Tips to Create a Professional-looking Website
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3 Quick Tips to Create a Professional-looking Website
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1. Bold Colour

In 2018, many web designers tended to use bold and bright colours, with a simple and uncluttered layout design, to project a professional image on the company website and to make the products more outstanding.

This trend lasts up to now. It is the most easy and direct way to attract eyeballs. Therefore, the design team of Laps Solutions also suggests you to try bold colours. You can try similar colours or contrasting colours, that match your company's brand image, to create a brand new company website! This simple trick can give your website a fresh look. Come and try it!

1. Bold Color

2. Negative Space

Here comes another tip -- negative / white space. You can go to major brands' website or their mobile app right away. You can see a lot of space on different device interfaces, especially for the mobile websites or mobile apps with shopping cart function.

In addition to the negative space, designers can also occupy a full page or the top banner area with one single photo or video. The advantage of this technique is that customers will see the key message or information by clicking open your company website with their mobile devices. They won't be confused with the messy content of the website, and don't need to spend time looking for information they want.

See these examples of good use of negative space: www.net-a-porter.com  or https://lush.com

2. Negative Space

3. Fullscreen Websites

Fullscreen display, combined with negative space for online products, is definitely the trend of online shopping websites. Due to the limited display space on mobile device, videos or photos in fullscreen format can capture the attention of your customers and let them focus on your message.

You can try this simple technique, together with the above-mentioned Negative Space + Bold Colours! Below are some references:

3. Fullscreen Websites

We hope the above design tips are useful to you. You are also welcome to exchange your views with our design team. Let's design and create beautiful websites together!

Stay tuned with Laps Solutions!

All the above photos are come from Pinterest.com。

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